Colorado Springs Attractions for Residents and Visitors

Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs

Looking for the best Colorado Springs Attractions? If you want to relocate to Colorado Springs, be ready to entertain.  Colorado Springs features many unique attractions, including the iconic Pikes Peak.  There’s plenty of nice weather and magnificent beauty to inspire the 700,000 residents.  The Pikes Peak region also caters to thousands of travelers—nature buffs and history/culture enthusiasts alike.

Garden of the Gods

Natural wonders top the list of attractions in Colorado Springs.  Have you heard of the Garden of the Gods?  Shooting straight up from the ground are majestic sandstone pillars.  Created by the deities over thousands of years, the breathtaking red rock formations offers many opportunities for visitors today.  Hiking through the park and explore their stalagmite crevices and stop in at the visitor and nature center.

Pikes Peak

Pikes Peak overlooks the city from its 14,000-foot vantage.  Its pink granite presence rises 8,000 feet above the city.  Visitors following the Pikes Peak Highway or riding the Pikes Peak Cog Railway will discover the motivations for the lofty patriotic song, “America the Beautiful.”  Thousands of hikers climb the mountain which one day also inspired the slogan for the Colorado Gold Rush.  “Pikes Peak or Bust.”  Could it be your goad to finding your own Colorado Springs home?

Manitou Springs

Charming Manitou Springs is a small historic town in the foothills.  It is only 6 miles from the middle of Colorado Springs.  Natural springs offer healing prospects to native tribes, settlers and modern-day residents and visitors.  The National Historic District retains an old-fashioned collection of eateries, galleries, and shops. It’s a relaxing day trip at the least.  For exercise, try hiking the Manitou Incline trail.  It goes up where a former narrow-gauge railway once carried ore down the mountainside.

More Colorado Springs Attractions

Adventures never grow old here.  Hike up Seven Falls, explore the Cave of the Winds, and follow Cripple Creek.  Venture down the whitewater at Royal Gorge or stop at Cheyenne Mountain Zoo and Glen Erie Castle.  Visit Old Colorado City during a festival and get lost in the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center.  Have an elegant lunch at the historic Broadmoor Hotel and Resort—or book a room while you are here.

Hop on a bicycle and follow the trails north to the U.S. Air Force Academy and beyond.  And don’t forget to take the children to see the big old planes at the Peterson Air Museum.  You’ll always find edifying things to do in Colorado Springs.

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