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Relax and Hire a Reputable Colorado Property Management Company

Looking for a Colorado Property Management Company? Do you want to rent out your investment properties?  Hire a reputable property management company.   A property management company is in business to take the burden off your shoulders.  You relax while they put their professional expertise to work caring for your property and ROI.  Property managers make your property values top priority.

“It’s cheaper for me to post my property for free on a website,” you say.  But are you ready to show your house, size up applicants, write contracts, check on conditions, provide maintenance, collect rents, and evict problem renters?  It’s one thing to deal with family and people you know.  And it can be tough when strangers trash your place or get in arrears.

Property Management Firms to the Rescue

Licensed property managers do the people work and the paperwork for property owners.  This includes being responsible for tenant and owner funds.  Compare the property management fees charged by each company you are considering for hire.  Sometimes fees are not so straight forward.  Try to determine how thorough and competent your best referenced company will be.

In addition, these companies have connections.  At savings to you, many property management companies bring their own experts to paint, clean carpets, fix the plumbing, replace appliances, mow the lawn or shovel the snow.  Unless you want to get involved in these tasks, it’s best to leave them to the experts.

Property Management Services

Property management companies offer slightly different services and quality of service.  Following is a list of common services offered by them:

  1. Property inspection
  2. Preparing home for rent or lease
  3. Marketing property
  4. Showing property
  5. Tenant screening and background checks
  6. Writing contract/lease and signing
  7. Collect rents and deposits, monies for damages
  8. Move in/out
  9. Manages keys and locks
  10. Schedules property inspections
  11. Record keeping
  12. Pay bills such as mortgage, taxes, repairs, upkeep, association fees
  13. Pay owner profits
  14. Return renter deposits and check out
  15. Hire attorney for eviction or damages
  16. Identify property improvements

Your Colorado Property Management Firm

The team at Colorado Luxe Living Property Management takes excellent care of each client’s real estate investment.  Call us at (303) 205-7875.  We stay on top of the industry, always gaining more knowledge and expertise to meet the owner’s standards.  Serving Summit County, Denver and Pikes Peak regions.