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PCS Military Families Seek Prime Colorado Springs Real Estate & Resources

PCS Military Families Seek Prime Colorado Springs Real Estate & Resources

Colorado Springs real estate is close five US military bases, renowned medical facilities and good schools.  This post sounds off about neighborhoods, recreation, education, and culture that thrive in this idyllic setting.  From 6100-foot elevations at the foot of Pikes Peak, we survey the Rocky Mountains to the west and the high plains to the east.  And we travel along the Front Range of the Colorado Rocky Mountains to broaden our view.

Colorado Springs real estate

Welcome to Colorado Springs

We hope to inspire the relocating PSC military families with the many amenities found here.  There are reasons we receive honors as the Best in our class.  A variety of unique amenities greet newcomers with a smile.  In this article, we hope to introduce you to things we love about our city.

From the top of Pikes Peak, Katherine Lee Bates penned the lyrics to “America the Beautiful.”  She saw the majesty from the summit; we usually find the splendor from its base. Colorado Springs was founded in 1871 and grew heartily after General Palmer installed the railroad.  People first came for the climate, healing and gold. Today, 700,000 residents kindle the heart of prime Colorado Springs communities.

Colorado Springs Real Estate near Military Bases

Military families often return to connect or reconnect with the many desirable neighborhoods and superior lifestyle options.

FORT CARSON in South Colorado Springs Real Estate
Fountain, Security-Widefield, Stratmoor, Broadmoor

US AIR FORCE ACADEMY in Northwest Colorado Springs Real Estate
Briargate, Gleneagle, Peregrine, Woodmen, Black Forest, Flying Horse

PETERSON AIR FORCE BASE in East Colorado Springs
Security-Widefield, Downtown, Cimarron Hills, Falcon

SCHRIEVER AIR FORCE BASE at the Colorado Springs Regional Airport
Cimarron Hills, Old Colorado City, Broadmoor, Old North End

Stratmoor, Broadmoor Bluffs, Cheyenne


The sun shines upon Colorado Springs more than 300 days of the year, encouraging a variety of recreational and leisure activities.  The Alpine desert climate gives us just enough rain and snow to remind us we have four seasons.  The average humidity is 51.5 percent.  This lends itself to mountain hikes, mountain biking, fishing, and plenty of games and sports.

Attractions and Activities

Whether you plan to visit local attractions often or simply to tour with your houseguests, there will always be interesting places to show.  The landmark United States Air Force Academy sits right along a major hiking and biking trail that runs north/south through the area.  It passes the Garden of the Gods where you find red rock formations.  Children enjoy visits to Cheyenne Mountain Zoo and Seven Falls Park.

Over 150 city and state parks add to the beauty of Colorado Springs.  Seasoned trails lead through many of them, including horse trails.  You’ll be able to explore the Great Outdoors in larger ones like Pulpit Rock Park, Palmer Park, Pikes Peak Recreation Area, and North Slope Recreation Area.  Then, it may be time to head out for whitewater rafting in Canyon or alpine skiing and fly-fishing in the High Country.

Education and Economy

Good public and private schools feed into robust options for higher education.  More than a handful of colleges and universities present residents with a variety of options.  These schools feed into the needs of local employers and large companies.  The equation feeds many sectors of the Colorado Springs economy.  It weaves around the health industry, tourism, defense industry, and a strong IT community.

In addition to the US Air Force Academy, colleges include Pikes Peak Community College, Colorado College, Colorado Technical University, DeVry University, University of Colorado, and Webster.

Real Estate Services

Colorado Luxe Living agents offer personalized resources and discounts for PSC military families.  Call Colorado Luxe Living Real Estate at (303) 205-7875 for more information about Colorado Springs real estate investments to fit your goals and fulfill your needs.  Our Realtors and Property Management team serve Pikes Peak, Denver, and Summit County regions.

Breckenridge Condos and Ski Area

How These Mellow Mountain Homes Encourage the Ideal Colorado Lifestyle

How These Mellow Mountain Homes Encourage the Ideal Colorado Lifestyle

From mountain homes in Summit County, residents and visitors make it easy on themselves to participate in the best healthy leisure activities. It’s all about the Colorado lifestyle. If you love the beauty and excitement of the Rocky Mountains, Summit County mountain homes are the ideal choice.

Let’s start with mention of leisure activities and get a glimpse of Summit County Colorado real estate. Are you aware of the broad selection of educational, cultural, community, and entertainment resources to balance mountain recreation?mountain homes

Summit County Communities

Most of the real estate in Summit County nestles into postcard-pretty neighborhoods in charming communities. Live full-time in any of the small mountain towns (Breckenridge, Keystone, Frisco, Silverthorne, Dillon, Copper Mountain). These are welcoming communities. Full-time and seasonal residents appreciate meeting people from around the world that come to the Summit County ski resorts in and near these towns.

What you might want to know from the beginning is how interconnected these communities really are. Yes, it is easy to get from one to the other. The Summit County stage bus operates between the towns and resorts. This is especially helpful for families who have different interests and need to get around. In addition, the communities coordinate activities continually. They all host annual events, competitions, and festivals.

Culture and Education

Culture is not hard to find. There are art walks and galleries, arts and craft festivals, cookoffs and international cuisine. The Breckenridge Music Festival and the Breckenridge Film Festival add to the relaxing summer evening activities. Educational activities begin at the Summit County schools and community college campuses. Do you know there are also many lectures, classes and educational programs?

Recreational Activities

You are aware of the famous mountain recreation–Summit County downhill skiing, snowboarding, hiking and biking opportunities. Ski passes are well worth the cost here. Every resort and the surrounding national forests present inviting options. The blue-ribbon fishing and lake fishing, including ice fishing, capture the imagination of many. Others prefer the championship golf courses. Breckenridge, Copper, Frisco and Keystone also feature Nordic skiing and snowshoeing.

Anyone living in one of the mellow mountain homes in Summit County should be able to shape a healthy, stimulating schedule.

Relocation to Mountain Homes in Summit County

Everywhere you turn you will find dazzling natural beauty and handsome architecture. In these resort areas, the largest cost of living expense will be housing. So, the first step before moving here is to figure out what you really want and what you really want to pay.mountain homes

For example, do you need a single-family home or will you be happy in a condominium? Both may have homeowners’ association fees but the condos usually also offer amenities that will up to those charges. Is a necessary to be on a ski slope where the prices are higher or can you buy more space in places farther away? In Summit County, the mountain homes and condos are located on the ski slopes, the golf courses, outside of town, and clustered in historic neighborhoods.

Colorado Luxe Living real estate agents will help guide you through the relocation process. Need to be close to Denver or Colorado Springs? We can lead you to homes for sale along the Front Range of the Colorado Rockies, too. Talk to our real estate agents to get an idea.

Real Estate Agents – Colorado

Call Colorado Luxe Living Real Estate at (303) 205-7875 for more information about Colorado mountain homes and real estate investments to fit your needs. In addition, the team at Colorado Luxe Living Property Management cares for our clients’ real estate investments. Contact Colorado Luxe Living property managers at (303) 205-7875. Serving Summit County, Denver and Pikes Peak regions.

Denver Economy is Robust and Multiplying Opportunities

Downtown Denver Real Estate

The Denver Economy keeps multiplying.  As the U.S. population moves to the south and west of the nation, more talent is relocating to Denver real estate.  Large and small companies are recruiting and families are jumping on the opportunities.  The growing Denver population is approaching 700,000 and Greater Denver includes about 2.8 million.  Nonetheless, Denver, Colorado boasts one of the lowest unemployment rates in the United States.

What’s driving the economy? Start with a perfect location in the heart of the nation.  Add a strong dose of the entrepreneurial spirit.  Build on the foundation in agriculture, mining, and tourism.  Take it up a notch with technology.  And let’s see what we have:  a diversified economy.

Diversified Denver Economy

Colorado and the Greater Denver region are home to a broad range of companies and businesses of all sizes.  They offer desirable quality of life, salaries, services, and products.  These combine to accelerate the fast-growing economy.  For example, Denver has been known as the “Wall Street of the Rockies” because of its banking and financial sectors.  Major national and international institutions take advantage of centralized location within the nation.  These network with other sectors.  Take logistics.

Transportation Hub

Denver Union StationDenver is a regional hub for coordination and transportation in the Western United States.   It is also a Foreign Trade Zone, which is advantageous for international trade.  Goods come and go via trucking routes, rail, and air.  For example, farming and ranching operations fill the fruited plains on the eastern side of the city. Major growers and small farms take advantage of the prime location.  We cannot miss the beautiful fields as we fly out of Denver International Airport.

The manufacturing sector also takes advantage of the ability to ship product.  Mining and farming machinery, rubber goods, fabricated metals, chemicals, allied stone and clay products, transportation equipment, scientific instruments, Western clothing, and more.

High-Tech Capabilities

Denver is the largest city to offer “one-bounce satellite uplinks with real-time connections to 6 continents in one day.  This fast Internet supports all kinds of industries, high-technology research, computer storage and peripherals among them.  Air transportation, telecommunications, and aerospace industries are also alive and well.

Full Complement of Services

Denver Colorado Real EstateThen there are the Service industries.  Denver is home to several colleges, universities and training programs.  Hospitals, medical facilities, and health industries provide care for hundreds of thousands of residents.  Vacation rentals and hospitality, restaurants, transportation, entertainment and the arts often merge with retail shopping industries.

Denver’s construction companies scurry to build new Denver homes for sale.  Real estate agents in turn reach out to welcome residents to invest in Denver real estate.   And the list of services available in the Metro Denver region continues.

Recent Industry Surges

Over the past decade, other trends have brought new industries and accompanying growth.  New and changed laws and regulations are having an effect, too. Think oil fields, marijuana, health foods, breweries.  The local Denver7 TV station recently focused on seven robust industries: Tech, Agriculture, Real Estate, Craft Beer, Cannabis, Energy, and Tourism.  In many ways, these diverse sectors combine to strengthen one another.

Business Incentives

Denver also offers some incentives for new businesses.  The Mayor’s Office of Economic Development & International Trade assists business by offering state tax credits for creating jobs.  This dovetails with its mission to retain and create quality jobs in Denver.  In addition, beneficial Colorado state programs attract companies to Greater Denver.

Your Denver Real Estate Agents

Call Colorado Luxe Living Real Estate at (303) 205-7875 for more information about Summit County real estate investments to fit your needs. Property Management Services The team at Colorado Luxe Living Property Management also helps care for real estate investments, vacation rentals, long-term leases and more.  Serving Summit County, Denver and Pikes Peak regions.

Colorado Skiing in Summit County – An Hour West of Denver

Looking for excellent Colorado Skiing near Denver? If you work in Central Colorado, you’ll love being close to the excellent skiing in Summit County. It’s an hour west of Denver via Interstate 70. Here the Rocky Mountains meet the skis and snowboards of families and friends who come from near and far.

Summit County Colorado Skier

Summit County Colorado Skier

Colorado Alpine Ski Areas

Summit County features ski resorts at Breckenridge, Keystone, Copper Mountain, and Arapahoe Basin. Hundreds of trails and big back bowls weave into the forests. World-class terrain parks, too. You will soon see why top competitors visit Summit County.

Nordic Colorado Skiing Centers

There are also four impressive cross-country ski centers in Summit County. All ages gather at Nordic Ski & Snowshoe Center or Gold Run Nordic Center in Breckenridge. Or they enjoy Frisco Nordic Ski & Snowshoe Adventure Center and Keystone Nordic Center.

Après Ski and More

Come off the slopes to join festivities in town. The free Summit Stage helps get you around. Visit Breckenridge, Frisco, Copper Mountain, Keystone, Dillon, and Silverthorne. They woo skiers with a full calendar of events–plenty of good old-fashioned fun. Get into the swing of things any time of the year. It’s all part of the Summit County ski experience.

Breckenridge Colorado

Breckenridge Colorado Mountain Home

Summit County Homes and Condos

Beautiful homes and condos in Summit County close to the mountain resorts and towns. Some lie on the ski hills, along Victorian Main Street shops. Other nestle into the woods outside of town in Blue River or Silverthorne. Wherever you find a place in the mountains, you can be sure the Great Outdoors will be calling.

Property Management Services and Rentals

Colorado Luxe Living Property Management cares for your real estate investment. Call us at (303) 205-7875 to get started renting or leasing your property. We stay on top of the industry, always gaining more knowledge and expertise to meet the owner’s standards. Serving Summit County, Denver and Pikes Peak regions.

Real Estate Services

For information about homes in Summit County, call Colorado Luxe Living at (303) 205-7875.

Colorado Springs Attractions for Residents and Visitors

Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs

Looking for the best Colorado Springs Attractions? If you want to relocate to Colorado Springs, be ready to entertain.  Colorado Springs features many unique attractions, including the iconic Pikes Peak.  There’s plenty of nice weather and magnificent beauty to inspire the 700,000 residents.  The Pikes Peak region also caters to thousands of travelers—nature buffs and history/culture enthusiasts alike.

Garden of the Gods

Natural wonders top the list of attractions in Colorado Springs.  Have you heard of the Garden of the Gods?  Shooting straight up from the ground are majestic sandstone pillars.  Created by the deities over thousands of years, the breathtaking red rock formations offers many opportunities for visitors today.  Hiking through the park and explore their stalagmite crevices and stop in at the visitor and nature center.

Pikes Peak

Pikes Peak overlooks the city from its 14,000-foot vantage.  Its pink granite presence rises 8,000 feet above the city.  Visitors following the Pikes Peak Highway or riding the Pikes Peak Cog Railway will discover the motivations for the lofty patriotic song, “America the Beautiful.”  Thousands of hikers climb the mountain which one day also inspired the slogan for the Colorado Gold Rush.  “Pikes Peak or Bust.”  Could it be your goad to finding your own Colorado Springs home?

Manitou Springs

Charming Manitou Springs is a small historic town in the foothills.  It is only 6 miles from the middle of Colorado Springs.  Natural springs offer healing prospects to native tribes, settlers and modern-day residents and visitors.  The National Historic District retains an old-fashioned collection of eateries, galleries, and shops. It’s a relaxing day trip at the least.  For exercise, try hiking the Manitou Incline trail.  It goes up where a former narrow-gauge railway once carried ore down the mountainside.

More Colorado Springs Attractions

Adventures never grow old here.  Hike up Seven Falls, explore the Cave of the Winds, and follow Cripple Creek.  Venture down the whitewater at Royal Gorge or stop at Cheyenne Mountain Zoo and Glen Erie Castle.  Visit Old Colorado City during a festival and get lost in the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center.  Have an elegant lunch at the historic Broadmoor Hotel and Resort—or book a room while you are here.

Hop on a bicycle and follow the trails north to the U.S. Air Force Academy and beyond.  And don’t forget to take the children to see the big old planes at the Peterson Air Museum.  You’ll always find edifying things to do in Colorado Springs.

Need Assistance Relocating to Colorado Springs?

And we’re here to make your new adventures comfortable.  Call Colorado Luxe Living Real Estate at (303) 205-7875 for more information about Colorado Springs real estate to fit your goals.  Or let us know your needs.  We also offer short-term rentals, long-term rentals and full-service Property Management.